The life of Riley is a lifetime of Penn State service and experience
Trustee: The trustees are the conscience of Penn State Alumna: The alumni are the soul of Penn State Teacher: Teaching is lifetime learning Daughter: Penn State is a family affair

Photo by Gene Maylock
Three Old Friends Anne Riley '64, 75g, Penn State Trustee, and Stuart Frost '49, professor emeritus of fine arts, stand in the second floor lobby of Old Main in front of one panel of Penn State's Land Grant Frescoes. Stuart, artist Henry Varnum Poor's assistant with the murals, completed in 1949, is the figure in the painting to the left. He is holding the rope of the bull in the panel that shows Penn State's programs in animal husbandry.
Photo by Gene Maylock
The North Wall Anne stands at the railing in the second floor lobby of Old Main. Behind her is the north wall of Penn State's Land Grant Frescoes, completed in 1940 with funds raised by the Senior Class of 1932 for the Class Gift. Anne's father, Ridge, served as chair of the senior class gift committee and worked tirelessly to raise the funds.

As a seated trustee elected by the alumni, Anne takes pride in being one of the successors to members of a board of trustees who approved the installation of a major work of art in Old Main, Penn State’s central building, completed in 1930.

As a teacher and amateur art historian, Anne enjoys, “learning the history of the University as told in the Land Grant Frescoes and sharing it with generations coming after me.” Anne gives classes to students, alumni, faculty, and staff as well as to members of the community. For her, it’s a joy to show audiences their predecessors as acknowledged by artist Henry Varnum Poor in his composition of the paintings. If you tell her your college major, she’ll tell you how you are represented in the frescoes.